1. Person
  2. Male
  3. ISAD - EAD Collection
  4. 1857
  5. Romania
  6. 01 January 1946
  7. Athens
  8. Greek
  9. Painter
  10. Greek | French
    • Odysseas Phokas (GreekΟδυσσέας Φωκάς; 1857 in Romania – 1946 in Athens) was a Greek painter, whose work focused on landscape painting

      He was born in Romania at 1857 and at 1876 he left for France to study Law in Aix-en-Provence, according to his parents' wishes. Later he began his studies on painting at the Open Academies of Paris with teachers such as Karl Cartier (1855-1925) and Raphael Collin (1850-1916).

      At 1885 he moved to Athens and began working as an artist at the magazine To Asty and at the newspaper Akropolis. At the Olympic competition of 1888 he was awarded with the bronze medal, and he competed again at 1896. At the 1900 Paris World Fair he was awarded again with the bronze medal.

      From 1900 until 1940, he took part in many art exhibitions in Athens. At 1902 he exhibited his works at Smyrna, while at 1905 and at 1909 he did exhibitions in Alexandria. From 1907 up until 1910 he lived, for family reasons, in Romania, where he also exhibited his works. From 1915 until his death, he worked as curator and art restaurateur at the National Gallery of Athens.[1]