15 May 1786
Paloumpa, Arcadia
05 July 1864
Paloumpa, Arcadia
Peloponnese | Zakynthos
Κολλιοπουλος (gre)

Plapoutas, Dimitris (1786-1864)

  1. Person
  2. 15 May 1786
  3. 05 July 1864
  4. Paloumpa, Arcadia
  5. Paloumpa, Arcadia
  6. Peloponnese - Zakynthos
  7. Greek
  8. Officer (armed forces) - Politician
  9. Politics - Military
  10. Member of parliament - General officer
  11. Male
  12. English
    1. Philikē Hetaireia
    1. Dimitrios Koliopoulos Plapoutas (GreekΔημήτρης Κολιόπουλος Πλαπούτας) (May 15, 1786 – July 1865) was a Greek general who fought during the Greek War of Independence against the rule of the Ottoman Empire

      Plapoutas was born on in Paloumba in the Arcadia region of the PeloponneseOttoman Empire, the son of Kollias Plapoutas, who came from a strong line of Arvanite Greek Orthodox population from Epirus at the time, in northwestern Greece. This is of course the reason why Theodoros Kolokotronis referred to him simply as "Koliopoulos" (GreekΌ Κολιόπουλος).[1]

      In 1811, he left Paloumba for the Ionian Islands where he became an officer in the 1st Regiment Greek Light Infantry. In 1818, he joined the Filiki Eteria, which was planning to liberate Greece from Ottoman control.

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