1. Person
  2. Mahmud Dramali Pasha (1780-1822) [Real Name] (greek)
  3. Male
  4. Digital Collection "Greek War of Independence (1821-1830)"
  5. 1780
  6. Istanbul (City)
  7. 26 October 1822
  8. English
    • Dramalı Mahmud Pasha,(AlbanianMahmut Pasha), c. 1770 in Istanbul – 26 October 1822 in Corinth) was an Ottoman Albanian statesman and military leader, and a pasha, and served as governor (wali) of LarissaDrama, and the Morea. In 1822, he was tasked with suppressing the Greek War of Independence, but was defeated at the Battle of Dervenakia and died shortly after.

      At the head of his army, Dramali set off from Larissa in late June 1822, and swept practically unmolested through eastern Greece: his forces marched unopposed through Boeotia, where they razed Thebes, and Attica, where however he did not attempt to retake the Acropolis, which had only shortly before surrendered to the Greeks.

      He passed through the defiles of the Megaris unmolested, and entered the Peloponnese. He arrived at Corinth in mid-July, and found the strong fort of Acrocorinth abandoned without a fight by its Greek garrison. He wed the widow of the fort's murdered former commander, Kiamil Bey, and was joined by Yusuf Pasha of Patras, who advised him to remain in Corinth, using it as a base, and to build up strong naval forces in the Corinthian Gulf and isolate the Morea, before advancing on Tripoli. But Dramali, by now utterly self-confident by the Greeks' apparent reluctance to oppose him, decided to march at once to the south, towards the Argolis.