1. Work (Individual)
  2. RIDIM
  3. 1846
  4. English
  5. War of independence, 1821-1829
  6. Gray, Henry Peters (1819-1877)
  7. Iconography Work
    • Two figures in the foreground: on the left a young man wearing a Phrygian cap and on the right a young woman seated and holding a long-necked lute. This instrument is not modelled on a real instrument but appears to be a cross between a guitar and a mandolin.

    • Height:102.2 cm  (40 1/4 in.)

      Width:130.8 cm  (51 1/2 in.)

      Technique / Medium:oil on canvas

      RIdIM record id: 3190

    • Instruments [MIMO Code] (notes)

      Lute [3394] (highly stylised instrument, not in fact an accurately depicted instrument. This represents the artist's conception of an Ancient Greek Instrument. American artists of the period were fascinated by Ancient Greece and were sympathetic to modern Greece's struggle for independence in the period between 1825 and 1875.)