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  2. Greek Revolution, 1821-1829 (greek)
  3. War of independence
  4. 21 February 1821
  5. 12 September 1829
  6. Greece
  7. Before 1822 | After 1822 | Ottoman Empire
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    • The Greek War of Independence, also known as the Greek Revolution (GreekΕλληνική ΕπανάστασηElliniki Epanastasi; referred to by Greeks in the 19th century as simply the Αγώνας, Agonas, "Struggle"; Ottoman: يونان عصياني Yunan İsyanı, "Greek Uprising"), was a successful war of independence waged by Greek revolutionaries against the Ottoman Empire between 1821 and 1830. The Greeks were later assisted by Great Britain, France and Russia, while the Ottomans were aided by their North African vassals, particularly the eyalet of Egypt. The war led to the formation of modern Greece. The revolution is celebrated by Greeks around the world as independence day on 25 March.

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