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  2. Dramali's campaign (english)
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  4. July 1822
  5. August 1822
  6. Peloponnese
  7. Ottoman Empire | First Hellenic Republic | Dramalis, Mahmut, Pasha (1770-1822) | Kolokotronis, Theodoros (1770-1843) | Papaflessas
  8. English
    • The Expedition of Dramali also known as Dramali's campaign, or Dramali's expedition, was an Ottoman military campaign led by Mahmud Dramali Pasha during the Greek War of Independence in the summer of 1822.[4] The campaign was a large scale effort by the Ottomans to quell the ongoing Greek rebellion which had begun in 1821, the campaign ended in total failure, resulting in the disastrous defeat of the Ottoman army,[5] which after the campaign ceased to exist as a fighting force.